Applicants must be willing to seek recovery by total abstinence and involvement with Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or Cocaine Anonymous.  The individual must be willing and able to seek employment or training. Applicants will have completed, or currently be in the process of completing, a residential treatment facility, have a minimum of 30 days abstinence, be engaged in a 12 Step Fellowship, be willing to continue Step Work, and have an AA or NA sponsor.


A professional telephone referral is preferable, however self-referrals will be considered. Please have a counselor or other professional, familiar with your addiction and treatment history, call us and request an application form to be faxed to them.

Please note: Professionals and/or agencies that have copies of the old application form are requested to shred the old form and contact Jellinek Society for the newer application form on a client by client referral basis.


Narcotic medications, including but not limited to, all opiates, benzodiazepines, ephedrine, and codeine are not permitted. All medications must be approved by the Executive Director, or the Executive Director’s representative, prior to the medication being permitted at Jellinek.  


The following are examples of unacceptable behavior that merit discharge:

Discrimination based on age, race, culture, sexual identity or persuasion, economic status, level of education, physical or mental abilities, or spiritual beliefs, violence; direct or indirect threats; vulgarity or other abusive language, other forms of abuse; sexual contact or innuendos, other forms of harassment; gambling, substance use, and pornography are all not permitted.

The following are examples of behavioral positions that encourage development and merit recognition:

Unity, teamwork, tolerance, acceptance, honesty, integrity, discipline, compassion, open-mindedness, willingness, humility, patience, prayer and meditation are all encouraged and acceptable spiritual precepts/behavior. 


Residents are expected to pay a $600.00 monthly residency fee for their stay which includes room and board. Residency fees may be subject to an increase and may be based on income. There is also a Residential Security Deposit of $500.00 required upon admission. This Residential Security Deposit will be returned to the resident, upon completion of the program, so long as the required 30 day notice is provided prior to discharge, no damages were caused by the resident during their stay, and all residency fees are up to date and there are no outstanding balances on their account.

The program is supported by Alberta Health Services - Addiction & Mental Health along with revenue from the Edmonton Presbytery of the United Church, the United Church Women and other church groups, , additional funding grants, and donations provided by concerned individuals and/or corporations providing additional financial support.