• Adult male (18+) with a history of substance addiction
  • Clean and sober for a minimum of 30 days
  • Attended and completed a residential treatment program within the last 5 years.
  • Is engaged in a 12 step fellowship – AA, NA, or CA (is going to meetings, has a sponsor, is actively working on their steps)
  • Is ready and able to either start work, is working, or is enrolled or attending an educational facility for the purpose of pursuing a career
  • A $500.00 Residency Security Deposit is required. Details regarding the Resident Security Deposit can be read in the Admission Agreement.



  • Preferably a referral from an addiction counselor, social worker, or other professional who is aware of the applicant’s addiction and treatment history will make request for an application form to be faxed to them and then the applicant will complies with the Wait List Requirements
  • We may consider self-referrals if the applicant obtains the application form in person.
  • In this case we request that the applicant first calls Jellinek Society and speak with Program Staff.
  • Then the applicant may stop by and request an application form, fill it out, submit it and then comply with the Wait List Requirements.



  • Upon submission of an application form the applicant must:
    • Make contact with Jellinek Society Program Staff
    • Call every Monday and Friday between 9:00am – 10:00am

Note: It is the applicant’s responsibility to call on time (or have previously made arrangements with Jellinek Program Staff to call at another time) and that any calls that are not within these parameters will not be acknowledged as wait list calls. If the applicant misses one call, the applicant’s application will go to the end of the waitlist. A second missed call will result in the application being withdrawn completely.



  • All applicants must be interviewed in person, or by telephone, prior to being accepted for residency at Jellinek Society’s recovery house.
  • Acceptance for residency will be finally based on the interview and the applicant will be informed at that time, if they will be accepted for admission.
  • Once the applicant has met with the previous requirements, and are next on the wait list, they will be informed of an admission date when a bed becomes available.